Welcome to TypeK&co -  where organisation meets creativity!

We are a stationary brand that specialises in creating unique and functional lists & planners for anyone wanting to begin their organisational journey or for those who want a change from their current planning routine!  

TypeK&co’s  story began with my passion for staying organised! I am a self-confessed list lover! As a business owner, I often found myself struggling to keep up with my daily tasks and appointments, juggling personal life and work! I tried countless planners and lists, but none of them seemed to meet my needs. I decided to create a collection of list and planners that incorporated all of the features I was looking for!

Our products are designed with functionality and creativity in mind, ensuring that our customers can stay organised while also feeling happy and inspired. With colourful designs, we want you to feel positive and motivated every time you use your planners!  

At TypeK&co we believe that staying organised doesn't have to be boring. Our colourful planners and lists are the perfect combination of practicality and creativity, helping you to achieve your goals and dreams one step at a time.

Thank you for choosing TypeK&co and joining us on your journey to a more organised and fulfilling life! 

Karlie  xxx